Count Up Timer

I was tasked with a project that would take a classroom activity and recreate it to an e-learning activity.  The challenge I faced was creating a timer that would count up in order to show the user how long it would take to complete the activity.

I found that this was no easy feat.  After tons of research and trying to replicate others that I had found, I finally figured out how to create this valuable timer.  It is all about the master slide and the right triggers.

First, create a variable called counter and two layers on the master slde called loop in and loop out.  On the master slide, you will have the following triggers on the layers.

Base slide:  Show layer loop in when timeline starts

Layer loop in:  Show layer loop out when timeline ends, Hide this layer when timeline ends

Layer loop out:  Show layer loop in when timeline ends, Hide this layer when timeline ends, Add 1 to counter when timeline ends

On the slide where you insert the timer, you will need to add a trigger that is Show layer loop in when timeline starts and insert the variable reference where you want the count up timer to show.  You will also want to put in a button to stop the timer with a trigger.

 This was an extremely challenging interaction for me to figure out but so worth it once I got it!

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