Counting Change

This week’s E-Learning Heroes Challenge is to make a course for the grocery store checkout process.  After looking at the sample that they gave, I just couldn’t think of anything else to try that would be that different.  But then I thought about my days of teaching math to 7th graders and remembered how some struggled with counting change.  I decided to focus on that aspect of the grocery store checkout process.
I created a grocery store theme that moves the shopper through the checkout process up to the point where the clerk must give change.
This becomes the interaction.  The user must place the right dollars and coins in the drop area to total the right amount.  This was pretty easy using a variable that would be added to every time currency was dropped in that drop zone.  I then disabled the currency once it was dropped because I could not get the total to subtract when the money was removed from the drop location.  (This will be a challenge for another day.)
The final frustrating challenge was to get the Change Due amount to show 2 decimal points no matter what the amount was (i.e. $0.5 would show as $0.50).  I found myself attempting JavaScript for the first time!  It really wasn’t that difficult to learn the script from another E-Learning Heroes post, but I couldn’t get it to work correctly when I viewed the HTML5 file.  Come to find out…it did work but only in the published LMS file!  I am saving the JavaScript for another blog post after I figure out why the HTML5 file isn’t functioning correctly.

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