Create Your Beetle

The E-Learning Heroes Challenge this week is to jazz up multiple choice quizzes.  I spent some time trying to think of what I could do that hasn’t already been done many times and I came up with something that doesn’t even apply to this challenge, but is super cool.  I’ve toying around with creating a course on the concept of the Beetle in the Box.  You can see a great video on the theory here.

What I ended up developing was a way to design your own beetle by making certain selections.  It was kind of a pain to create each beetle (I have 3 choices) with various parts covered, but I soon figured out that I could use layers to make the custom beetles.  I colored the heads in one image, then the bodies, and then the legs.  I made the rest of the pieces transparent when doing this.

Next I created a layer for the head, a layer for the body, and a layer for the legs.  When the user selects their color then the image would just overlay the existing layer.  There were A LOT of triggers involved, because what if the learner wanted to change their mind?  Well each image would then have to be hidden to show the new image.  Here is what I came up with.

Launch Presentation


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