Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery

E-Learning Heroes challenge this week is to create content using Pantone’s newly release color of the year…Greenery.  This is such a great color especially when tinted lighter or shaded darker.

I came up with the cool interaction that does a swiping effect.  The user clicks the arrows to swipe up to the next content.  I decided to include images from the Pantone website as space fillers.

Or Launch Presentation

This interaction is all about the triggers.  I pretty much start and stop the timeline with every click of an arrow.  This along with the fly in and fly out animations, the user gets a swiping motion look and feel.


I will admit that the green lines were a bit tricky.  I had to play with their animation timings quite a bit before I got everything to flow smoothly.  It was such a great challenge!


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