Respect Slider

I have never really utilized the slider interaction in Storyline, because I found it boring and ugly on my slides.  That was before I realized how much you can customize this tool!

In this example, I customized the  thumb by filling it with a picture.  It was easy to do on the slider tab.

– Click Slider Tools

– Format

– Thumb Styles

– Thumb Fill

– Picture

– Select the image you want to use

 You can use the yellow dots to resize the thumb to an appropriate size.   I then resized the slider track to fit the new thumb image by using the Size option under Format.

 The other thing that always bugged me about using the slider interaction was that there were no stopping points along the track.  I thought I would get creative and add the ovals above the stopping point words.  This would tell the user where they were and where they had been.  I made each have a second state that would change the color and then added triggers to change the state as the user slid the thumb along the slider.  Easy!

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