Using Videos in Quizzing

This week’s E-Learning Heroes challenge is Interactive Video Quizzes in E-Learning #157.  I had previously created a branching scenario that included four videos that I created to demonstrate the topic and decided to submit it to this challenge.  The users watch the first video and answer a question to move on.  They are then given three choices for how to change the situation and outcome of the first video.  When they make their selection, they are taken to a new video to see how it effected the outcome.

This was a fun course to create and really pretty easy after making the videos using Wideo.  Oh and I highly recommend Wideo as your online video creator.  They have tons of templates to choose from and the editing is simple.  The drawback is that you can only make very short videos even with the paid version.  But for e-learning, short 5 minute videos are ideal anyway.

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